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Character: Florian
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Version: Game; more specifically shortly after first getting dropped off at Daath.
Age: 2 (physically 14)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: He's two. :|
Appearance: Florian is of about average size for a 14-year-old, standing at 5'5". He has green eyes and short green hair, the latter of which sticks out a bit at the sides and has strands hanging down past his shoulders in the front. A relatively slight build is made to look even smaller in the Fon Master outfit he was given, with its large sleeves, large neck and overall dress-like qualities, but really, he's taller than his guardian. His outfit also lends towards making him look feminine, with white stockinged feet, golden slippers and a simple headdress with what appears to be pompoms hanging from it. His entire outfit is green and teal, to match his darker green hair and eyes.

Personality: This particular Ion replica has the mentality of a two-year-old stuck in a fourteen-year-old body. Which is exactly what he is. He's energetic and curious, the kind of kid who actively tries to learn about the world around him. When Anise and the gang come to vist him in Daath, he's already raving about stew (which he's only read about) and attempting to play tag (though he gets it mixed up with hide-and-seek).

He's emotionally somewhat vulnerable, too--seeing the way people look at him in Daath (because he looks like Ion) scares him, and when he first entered the church he was hiding behind Anise in fear of all the unfamiliar people and things around him. Despite his wariness, he attaches himself too easily to people; he's easily swayed by a bit of kindness and a friendly voice, and is already noticeably attached to the team the first time they visit him in-game, cheerfully embracing the idea of sleeping together with them and confiding that they're the only ones who don't look at him strangely, which may be a large part of the reason he's so attached to them. With this fondness also comes a cheerful willingness to help out with whatever is asked of him, sometimes even at the cost of personal sacrifice. For example, he gives up a forbidden verse stone, the only memento he has of Mohs and his fellow replicas, for the stated reason that "You come to play with me." Jade, afterwards, says "It was precisely because of his innocence that I expected him to give me the stone unquestioningly if I spoke like that." 'That' referring to his telling Florian he didn't have to force himself to give it up for their sake.

He's also obscenely attached to his name. He's proud of it; it's his pride and joy. Sure he just got it last month or something, but he's Florian and nothing anyone can say can change his mind, beyond brainwashing or the like.
Abilities/Strengths: Florian is technically able to use fonic artes, and is technically a seventh fonist, the rarest of all kinds of fonists. This isn't much of an ability though, as his body isn't strong enough to keep up spells for very long. He's got very good survival instincts though, as can be evidenced from his surviving in a volcano for who knows how long.

Mentally, the only real strengths he can be said to have are his kindness and strength of mind. Despite the terrible things he's gone through, he's able to put on a smile and laugh and play with people, and is still willing to trust almost anyone. Even Mohs is apparently not a bad memory for him, as he has no qualms with talking about him to Anise and the gang.
Weaknesses: As stated above, he's physically rather weak, part of the reason why he was thrown into Mt. Zaleho; it's a miracle he survived as long as he did. He's gullible and naive as well, his innocence making him incredibly easy to trick. Basically - he's a two-year-old child with the language abilities of a 14-year-old. He barely understands the meanings of the words he knows beyond the basic dictionary definition. Everything he sees is new to him and--that might possibly be a strength, in some ways, but really he's just plain ignorant in a lot of things.

History: Once upon a time, the world's highest religious leader, Fon Master Ion, died. Nobody tried to save him, of course, partly because no-one knew he was dying and, more importantly, because his death had already been foretold. But Ion was an incredibly useful person to have, and so before he died seven replicas of Fon Master Ion were created. All but the seventh were supposed to be discarded as failures, and indeed they were all thrown into Mt. Zaleho, a volcano, like some sort of burnable trash. But there were two survivors: one was saved by the Commandant Van, and became the God General Sync. The other somehow survived long enough to be found by the high priest, Grand Maestro Mohs, when he came by months later. He was kept safe by Mohs then, as a backup in the event that the 'successful' replica died. Which he did.

After being used by a now-insane Mohs (who had turned into a monster) and his God General companions to read the magical Score that only the now-dead Ion and his replicas had the power to read, the not-so-little boy was abandoned. Luckily, the seventh replica's former guardian (and her friends) were there at the time; she named him Florian and put him in the care of the church where the replica and original before him had lived. Sadly he didn't get along too well at first, until they gave him to Anise's parents to watch over. He got along very well with the two, and cheerfully passed the days waiting for the day his friends could come visit again.

Sample Third Person post: Florian was playing tag. He'd been helping Pamela and Oliver clean up that room, you see, but it had been such boring work, and they'd said these things belonged to someone who wasn't alive anymore (Which meant they were gone, like those bodies on that hot rock who'd faded before his eyes), and really he couldn't help it when he grabbed that funny-looking stick and ran off with it. It was better than staying cooped up doing boring stuff in that room, with all those things whose owner was dead and gone. And it had worked, too! Oliver was chasing him, he could hear the man panting in an effort to keep up, and he turned to wave and shout "Come on, over here!" before running off again with a laugh.

It was nice, being able to run like this. He couldn't before. Even when Mohs took him in, he hadn't been allowed to go anywhere. So he ran happily past a cantor, some priests, giggling at the looks of surprise on their faces as he passed by, only stopping on occasion to make sure Oliver was still in sight. Oh dear, he looked tired. "Come on, come on, you can do it!" Of course he wasn't stopping. No, not until he was caught, or got tired, or forgot that this stick belonged to someone who'd faded away, like those people on that rock so long ago.

Excited as he was, it took a few minutes for him to realize he'd actually lost his caretaker. "Oliver? Hey Oliver, are you there?" He wandered a little way back the way he'd come, but there was no Oliver to be seen. Maybe he'd gotten in front of him somehow? The boy turned around then, heading for the balcony ahead, and was rewarded with the sight of--"Anise!" Oh this was wonderful, he could play with her too now! "Let's play tag! You're it!" And before she could answer (because he trusted her to play along, with the simple trust of an inexperienced child), he'd already run off to hide.
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